Vegan influencer caught eating fish and starts making excuses, but her 1.3 million followers don't believe it (2023)

Vegan influencer caught eating fish and starts making excuses, but her 1.3 million followers don't believe it (1)

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Vegan influencer caught eating fish and starts making excuses, but her 1.3 million followers don't believe it (2)Mindaugas Balčiauskas
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A popular social media influencer has been caught lying. She was caught cheating by eating fish while selling her vegan diet plans and claiming they really work. He released an apology video in response to the outrage, but it made matters worse. After seeing it, people say he's delusional or still believes he can make all this mess go away. And they might have a point. In the 33-minute video, titled "This Is What's Happening," Yovana Mendoza Ayres tries to explain why she kept all her health issues (and fish and eggs) a secret. And it only makes matters worse when she reveals the horrible side effects her vegan lifestyle has brought with it.

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Yovana introduced a raw vegan diet six years ago. A year after his trip, he decided to do a 25-day water fast. Yes, he only drank water for 25 days. She said in the video how great she felt afterwards, but admitted she also missed her period. As she spoke to "other people in the movement" rather than health professionals, she began to think that was a good thing. It was only after two years without a period that Yovana started investigating the side effect, only then did she realize it was not healthy.

This is the video that got Yovana in trouble

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After going to the doctors to get tested, she found that "her hormones were out of whack." According to her, she was diagnosed as premenopausal. She thought it was weird because it felt good. So it took a while for Yovana to understand the seriousness of her condition. The Instagram influencer started changing her diet, upping her fat levels and adding salt. In addition, he began to eat cooked food.

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Within two months, Yovana got her period back, but it was very irregular. But he said he thinks his body needs time to heal so be patient with it. After about a year she stopped having her period again. This time she hadn't had her period for about five months before she was checked again. At this point it was 2017, her hormones were still off and she wasn't ovulating. "I was basically anemic," Yovana said.

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Doctors recommended taking testosterone and thyroid pills. Yovana also admitted that ever since she started seeing doctors, they had told her she needed to eat eggs. But she refused. She figured she "could do a plant-based diet". He said he always knew the doctors would recommend it to him every time he saw them, but he didn't pay attention.

"Then the doctors said, 'You need to gain more weight, you need to be on testosterone, thyroid meds and these supplements, and it would also do you a lot of good if you ate some eggs.'" Yovana's answer? "No, no, no ... I will look for other information and speak to someone who really understands my veganism."

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The other people she spoke to advised her to take iron supplements and increase her protein and fat intake. He did. Yovana is finally looking better, she gained 6 pounds and got her period back. "It went well this time," he said. It was April 2018.

She said she was feeling a bit more tired at this point. "I would shoot a video and get tired afterwards." His training also required a lot more effort. But Yovana didn't pay much attention to it, thinking that the fatigue was related to the journey. Fast forward to July and she has painful cuts on her vagina. Doctors diagnosed her with candida vaginitis.

After dealing with it through a special diet, Yovana developed digestive problems. "I was basically very, very bloated from everything I ate. I felt constipated. I got diarrhea. I had a lot of gas, a lot of burbs." But she claims it was at a low level, much milder than it ended up being.

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The doctor diagnosed the influencer with bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine (SIBO). This bacterial overgrowth can occur when bacteria enter the small intestine from part of the digestive tract, or when the natural bacteria in the small intestine overgrow. "I was paying attention, obviously I was treating it," Yovana said. "But I tried not to put too much energy into it." At the time, Yovana was taking juices and other cleansers to get her digestive system going again (which she invented herself). After trying many different things, he found it best to eat a balanced diet.

To be sure of her condition, Yovana had to take a SIBO test. As she waited for the results, she felt hopeless. At this point, she was open to the possibility of adding some animal products to her diet. The test came back positive. Yovana started thinking about the future. "I was thinking about being a woman and wanting to bring a baby into this world... if I'm not good then how can I hope to bring a child into this world? Yovana considered her options and decided to consume animal products.

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Now comes the most important part. She kept all of this a secret. Word of All While He Continues Selling His Diet Plans. In fact, it still does. If you go to their website, you'll find "Challenges" and "Plans" that include vegan meals for as much as $99. "I didn't consider all the options and for me it was an option now, I considered it an option. And that's exactly why I didn't share it with you, because for me it's still an experiment, for me it's still a process, I'm still figuring it out. I'm not going to sit in front of the camera and say, 'Oh, I've been eating eggs and fish for two months and everything's better and everything's fine, and the plant-based diet isn't working.' No. I'm not saying that at all. I say I'm trying to find out."

Yes, basically he continues to preach that people should follow his lifestyle and above all believe. Even after all this, after abandoning his body, Yovana keeps selling it. This is a next level post-influencer era that we are living in.

and that's his excuse

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She only released her confession after leaking a video of her eating fish. "My hope is to go back and eat the way I like to eat," Yovana concludes. "I'm grateful for this opportunity to improve my health, I'm grateful I took the path of self-love and I feel like I'm doing this out of self-love because I want to be better, I want to be healthy and because if I'm not healthy then I have nothing to give to this world.” So there you have it folks. She eats meat products because she developed an unhealthy lifestyle that she's giving up out of self esteem, but hey, you can still buy it. And that doesn't mean that all vegans are evil and self-destructive individuals. It's just proof that you can't trust an "influencer" no matter how many millions follow them because you could end up developing something much worse than the flu.


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People had a lot to say about the whole ordeal.

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