The best dermal filler for lines around the mouth and chin (2023)

The mouth and chin are highly visible areas of the face, so sagging skin, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging are immediately visible and difficult to treat. Most of the options so far have been limited to extensive plastic surgery or invasive skin grafts. But with the growing popularity ofdermal fillers, people now have a versatile and effective method of treating facial wrinkles.

Given the variety of fillers available on the market, which dermal filler should you choose for your own treatment? In general, the severity of the wrinkle will determine which dermal filler is best for your procedure. Talking to your plastic surgeon or cosmetic specialist can help them better understand the results you want and recommend a specific brand that works.

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The perfect filler for the perfect me

What is your perfect cosmetic filler? Whether it's on the lips, cheeks, or anywhere in between, our providers know exactly how to look your best. Call us today for more information.

Types of injectable fillers to use around the mouth and chin

Marionette lines, smile lines, and lip lines are some of the most common problems faced by patients with wrinkles around the mouth and chin. Those vertical lines and wrinkles are not the most difficult when you have an experienced injector performing your procedure, although the severity of the wrinkles in your skin is the main factor that decides what type of filler to use for your procedure. Most common dermal fillers used in the mouth and chin:

hyaluronic acid

The soil: JuvesDerma, Restylane, Belotero

Hyaluronic acid fillerThey are by far one of the most effective methods for treating mild to moderate wrinkles around the mouth and chin. These dermal filler injections use hyaluronic acid to add plumpness to the skin and give it a youthful appearance. Because this type of facial filler uses a compound that is already naturally present in the skin, it is a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles without fear of side effects.

One thing that can make these fillers particularly useful for wrinkles around the mouth and chin is that the brands that make these products have specifically formulated their products to work on the skin in that area. Not all facial skin has the same structure and texture: what may work well for other wrinkles, like forehead lines, may not work as well for laugh lines or lip lines.

These product variations mean that a patient using hyaluronic acid to treat lines around the skin and mouth can have a versatile treatment routine that can be adjusted with little effort. Whether to reduce the time it takes to see results or to adjust the dosage for other facial wrinkles in the area, HA fillers make great anti-wrinkle injections.

The collagen stimulator

The floor: Sculptra

For deeper lines, such as nasolabial folds or frown lines, collagen stimulators are an effective long-term answer to the signs of aging. These dermal filler injections are long lasting (2-5 years on average) and although results are not immediately visible compared to other products, most patients report successful results with consistent treatment.

Unlike other fillers, collagen stimulators do not inject filler material into the skin, but instead stimulate collagen production in the treated area. Collagen is an essential building block that helps skin stay healthy and smooth, as the body naturally produces collagen and extracts it from the food we eat. But as you age, collagen production slows down, making you more prone to problems like sagging skin.

By increasing your body's production of collagen, this facial filler can effectively condition your skin to start repairing itself, making it more resistant to the signs of aging. Among dermal fillers, collagen stimulators are one of the most effective and semi-permanent methods to treat deeper wrinkles. This makes it particularly effective for use in elderly patients.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

Brand: Bellafill

PMMA fillers use a mixture of collagen and synthetic microspheres to add structure to the skin and stimulate collagen production, and are generally considered a long-term solution compared to other anti-wrinkle fillers. They are particularly effective on deep wrinkles commonly found on mature skin and are an effective option for treating volume loss.

Most visible signs of aging can be treated fairly quickly with other dermal fillers, but PMMA fillers are particularly effective for lip lines and other serious cosmetic concerns because of the way the formula works. By providing a powerful two-pronged approach to restore lost facial volume, an experienced clinician can achieve significant improvements in a patient in just two sessions.

Most healthcare providers will warn patients using this injectable treatment as the animal product used may cause an allergic reaction. While preventative measures can minimize the impact of these allergies if the patient wishes to continue with their treatment, most providers would suggest that they choose an alternative.

Calcium hydroxypatite

Marcas: Radiesse

Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers use calcium-based compounds to add volume to the skin and make it more resistant to daily wear and tear. Like PMMA fillers, it also uses microspheres to support the skin from the deepest layers, but does not use animal ingredients in its formula.

These cosmetic injections are effective as oral fillers because they provide much-needed support to the outer layer of the skin as the collagen is absorbed by the system. While the actual treatment can give you visible results, most of your improvements will usually appear after completing the entire regimen – around 3-4 injections, depending on the severity of your wrinkles.

Patients seeking this type of injectable filler treatment can also use it for cheek and back-of-hand fillers, though providers are quick to remind them that these uses are off-label and should not be considered effective treatments. However, many patients also report beneficial results when using calcium hydroxyapatite injections in this manner.

Filler injections are a great option for treating most types of lines and wrinkles on the lower face, but it takes an experienced doctor to get the results you want. With a full consultation on the exact lines and wrinkles you need to treat, your doctor can choose the best injectable for your situation.

What about botox?

Botox treatments have also been used to treat wrinkles around the mouth and chin, although they work differently compared to dermal fillers. Unlike the brands discussed above, Botox does not fill in areas of the skin, but instead uses gentle applications of botulinum toxin to block nerve signals to muscles.

Wrinkles and lines often form when muscle moves around an area repeatedly, such as in situations where you smile, laugh, or make strong or consistent facial expressions. While you're young, the extra collagen in your body can help you recover from repetitive motion like this, keeping your skin free of lines and other similar signs of sagging.

But as you get older, these processes slow down and stop. Without the additional production of collagen and other components, the facial muscles eventually move so much that the skin "adjusts" to the lines and wrinkles that are formed by those movements. This creates wrinkles around the mouth and chin.

By freezing the movement of these muscles, Botox treatments ensure that your skin appears smoother and firmer with consistent use. They do not make any physical changes to the composition of your dermal layers like dermal fillers do. And while this means it's not a permanent solution to facial wrinkles, the effects of repeated Botox injections are amplified over time, so patients who use Botox early tend to need less later.

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Get filler injections for nasolabial folds and other signs of aging at aNu Aesthetics

The best dermal filler for lines around the mouth and chin (1)

There's no limit to the choice of dermal fillers you can use for your mouth and chin—from hyaluronic acid to collagen boosters, there are plenty of ways to combat the signs of aging. With consistent treatment and an experienced injector, a filler procedure can give you excellent results comparable to plastic surgery at half the cost and effort required. All you need is to find a practice that suits your needs.

aNu Aesthetics has experience using fillers to treat deep wrinkles and fine lines, treat areas such as the mouth and chin, and remove facial lines. Specializing in non-invasive treatments to improve facial appearance, aNu Aesthetics uses the latest tools and treatments to address our clients' line and wrinkle issues and provide them with long-term results. You deserve to look and feel young us todayfor more information on our dermal filler treatments.

The perfect filler for the perfect me

What is your perfect cosmetic filler? Whether it's on the lips, cheeks, or anywhere in between, our providers know exactly how to look your best. Call us today for more information.

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