Tejocote Root Review (2022): Benefits, Side Effects, and More (2023)

Tejocote root is the secret to weight loss that most don't know exists.

The organic diet supplement is designed to help you lose unwanted weight in a safe and effective way.

It works by reacting to the food you put into your body, thereby reducing fat storage.

Even better, hawthorn root is known to treat a variety of conditions and diseases.

It has been widely used in ancient and herbal medicine for centuries.

Interested? Learn more about Tejocote root in our full review.

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What is Tejocote Root?

Tejocote Root Review (2022): Benefits, Side Effects, and More (1)

Tejocote root, also known as tejocote root (or Mexican hawthorn root), is native to Mexico and Central America.

The medium-sized tree is sacred to indigenous cultures and valued for its medicinal uses.

Therefore, almost every part of the tree is harvested, including the leaves, bark, fruit, and roots.

Consequently, Tejocote root has been used in traditional medicine and healing ceremonies in Central America for centuries.

The root is rumored to treat a variety of conditions including persistent cough and pain relief.

Additionally, recent evidence suggests that Mexican hawthorn root is also helpful for weight management.

The natural compounds found in hawthorn root (more on this below) are particularly powerful when consumed as a tea.

Tejocote root targets the storage of fat in the body and converts it into energy.

The dietary supplement certainly does its job as it is naturally rich in gelatin.

Gelatin is important for processing fats and controlling weight.

Because of this, there are many people who notice results almost immediately.

Meanwhile, it may be a few weeks before others see significant weight loss.

However, hawthorn root is a natural weight loss supplement that has been used in ancient cultures for centuries.

Benefits of Tejocote Root

Tejocote root is one of the hottest new weight loss trends.

The supplement is heraldic because it contains only natural ingredients and has a long history with ancient cultures.

For this reason, it has been used in Central and South American medicine for generations.

There are numerous reported hawthorn root benefits, but much of this has not been validated by the FDA.

Therefore, it never hurts to talk to a doctor before starting any new supplement.

It is impossible to predict how Mexican hawthorn root will interact with specific medical conditions and medications.

With that in mind, however, you shouldn't discount the substance entirely.

The powerful natural supplement can refresh your image like never before.

These are the main benefits of using Tejocote root:

  • weight loss
  • pain relief
  • Antiphlogistikum
  • Lower cholesterol
  • detoxifies the body
  • protects collagen
  • Improves gastrointestinal health

All in all, Raíz de Tejocote offers comprehensive benefits that improve overall health in several aspects.

The plant is also rumored to relieve anxiety, lower high blood pressure, and moderate blood sugar levels.

In addition, there is hope that the root will help treat type 2 diabetes and cardiac arrhythmia in the future.

Tejocote root is excellent for detoxifying the body.

Thus, it opens the urinary tract and reduces the effects of constipation.

In addition, cleaning the urine also improves kidney and liver function.

Finally, thanks to its large amount of fiber, the root regulates cravings.

Fiber is helpful in regulating hunger and nutrition associated with weight loss.

Consequently, Crataegus Mexicana offers many benefits, but its main property is to facilitate weight loss and body cleansing.

How Does Tejocote Root Work?

Crataegus Mexicana is considered by many people to be the ideal natural dietary supplement for weight loss.

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The root directly fights obesity by suppressing appetite.

In other words, the supplement makes the stomach feel full even when it isn't.

The root is a powerful source of pectin, a water-soluble fiber that expands with moisture.

So, in theory, the plant root fibers expand in the stomach, mimicking the feeling of a "full" stomach.

Second, tejocote root reduces fat by sending the body through a grueling detox.

As usual, people usually feel worse before they feel better, but it's worth the fight.

Detoxing can make you use the bathroom frequently, but it also means that harmful toxins and excess oil are flushed out of your system.

As a result, there are many people who report significant changes in their health and body composition within 2 weeks.

Detox with Mexican hawthorn root

Ultimately, detoxifying your body will leave you feeling cleaner and lighter.

So you will also experience several other health improvements:

  • stronger intestinal tract
  • Eliminates blockages in the intestinal tract
  • stronger digestive system
  • Eliminate harmful toxins
  • Promotes the urinary tract (slag removal)

Third, Tejocote root makes peoplelose weightand experience the body shape you've always wanted.

The substance is rich in strands of gelatin necessary to eliminate fat storage.

In addition, the Mexican hawthorn root is rich in calcium and vitamin C.

Calcium is known to improve bone health and prevent age-related diseases such as osteoporosis.

In addition, the high amount of vitamin C dramatically improves the overall functioning of the immune system.

The result is a healthier body that doesn't feel better until you shed the extra pounds.

Tejocote root is also high in B vitamins, along with other anti-aging benefits.1

Vitamin B is essential for maintaining healthy red blood cell levels, among several other benefits.

Finally, the intake of fiber significantly reduces hunger cravings, thereby ensuring adequate nutrition.

Meanwhile, the only nutrient root reduces is potassium levels, so use caution when supplementing and adjust diet accordingly.

Ingredients of the Tejocote root

Despite the name, there are actually many components that make up hawthorn root.

In fact, the dietary supplement consists of many parts of the Cratageus Mexicana plant.

Additionally, indigenous peoples of Central and South America consume other parts of the tree, including the fruit it produces.

On the other hand, cattle benefit from feasting on the leaves, which provide various dietary and medicinal benefits.

People also consume the leaves, which are reported to treat congestion and coughs while also healing the respiratory system in general.

Let's examine each ingredient of Tejocote root in more detail:

Tejocote Root Extract

The root is often harvested in Mexico, where it is then extracted into a capsule or ground into a tea bag.

Tejocote root is known to lower cholesterol levels.

It also supports healthy blood and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

The extract is derived from a species of hawthorn known as Crataegus mexicana.2


Oat bran is very rich in nutrients, including antioxidants.3

The ingredient is known to reduce the risk of heart complications.

In addition, there are reports that oat bran regulates blood sugar levels.

Finally, oat bran is also credited with healthy bowel movements.

Additionally, some patients with inflammatory bowel disease supplement oat bran as part of their regimen.


Oatmeal can be something you crave or just can't stand at the breakfast table.4

Regardless of your preferences, food supports a healthy life.

For starters, oats are known to lower blood sugar.

Meanwhile, it's also a notable antioxidant, detoxifying your body like oat bran.

Finally, oats can relieve constipation and improve other aspects of gut health.

Therefore, it is usually included as part of the hidden ingredients in tejocote root.


Flaxseed is another notable ingredient.5

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It is a strong source of fiber which, as mentioned above, reduces cravings.

Flaxseed is also known to lower cholesterol.

Finally, flaxseed has been shown to have the ability to regulate blood pressure and sugar levels.

Vitamin B

Tejocote root is rich in vitamin B, which is essential for health and well-being.

Vitamin B directly affects energy, brain function and cellular metabolism.

In addition, the vitamin is known to help prevent infections and maintain cardiovascular health.

Related to weight loss, B vitamins are also known to affect appetite and digestion.6

Maintains healthy red blood cells and several other factors.

Vitamin C

The root is also rich in vitamin C.7

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for blood vessels, muscles and collagen in bones.

It is also important for promoting healing with various antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C is found in fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and spinach.

It is also a common component of hawthorn root, contributing to its health properties.

Tejocote Root Side Effects

Crataegus Mexicana is a game changer, but caution is advised.

For starters, the natural supplement is extremely potent, which is why it is so important to follow the directions for proper use (below).

Also, the substance is known to burn potassium, which is why you'll want to have extra bananas on hand.

Second, the supplement works best when taken with a large amount of water (8 glasses of water or more per day is recommended).

In addition, there are some possible side effects of hawthorn root to consider:

  • Headache
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • Muscle aches
  • Magenreizung
  • Vomit
  • Diarrhea

It is very important not to take Raíz de Tejocote on an empty stomach.

The root compounds are potent and toxic if consumed in the wrong dose.

Although rare, tejocote root can be toxic to the heart in certain concentrations.

The root can increase the potential for cardiac arrest or medical complications related to an increased heart rate.

Therefore, before you start taking it, you should talk to a doctor, especially if you have a heart condition.

In these situations, it is best to avoid the root as it interacts with the heart, along with those who are sensitive to reduced potassium levels.

Crataegus Mexicanai is not currently FDA approved, which is not surprising given that the organization rarely pays much attention to natural herbs from other countries.

Whatever the case, most consider tejocote root to be safe as long as you follow the proper dosage and directions.

how to use

It is extremely important that people take tejocote root in the right amounts.

Otherwise, the substance can be harmful (see: Side effects).

Otherwise, Raiz de Tejocote is generally safe to consume when dosed correctly.

You should never take tejocote root on an empty stomach.

It is better to drink the tea (or the tablet) after a meal and with a full glass of water.

It is important that people drink 8 or more glasses of water per day while taking the supplement.

For many, the best time of day to drink hawthorn tea is after breakfast.

Keep in mind that the substance lowers potassium levels, so make sure you supplement accordingly.

Potassium is an important mineral and electrolyte found in foods like spinach and bananas.

It's worth taking the time to avoid potassium deficiency as it can lead to problems like muscle pain/cramps, disorientation and low blood pressure.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid Crataegus Mexicana.

Otherwise, the supplement is safe for most, depending on any pre-existing medical conditions or medications that may affect Tejocote root.

You only need 1-2 strands of the root to blend into a tea each day because less is more.

Also, try to avoid eating salty and fatty foods while supplementing the root.

Not only will it help you lose weight faster, but it will also set a good precedent for healthy eating habits.

Finally, people should avoid drinking alcohol while taking tejocote root.

How to Make Tejocote Root Tea

Here are the directions for proper dosing and preparation of Mexican hawthorn tea:

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  1. Boil water while preparing the tejocote root (you only need 1-2 strands).
  2. Eat a meal with a glass of water (most prefer breakfast).
  3. Mix the root with boiling water to make a tea.
  4. Soak the substance in hot water for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Drink and enjoy after cooling down to a comfortable temperature.

There are many who prefer to mix frozen yogurt with their tea for better flavor.

Other flavor additives include lemon, honey, and sugar.

Tejocote Root Customer Reviews

Despite some controversy, Crataegus Mexicana is very well received by consumers.

For starters, there's the word-of-mouth reputation of naturopathy that dates back centuries.

Then there are the modern testimonies and other positive reviews about Tejocote root.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to western medicine, where the substance has not been researched.

Tejocote root has not been extensively studied and therefore does not have credibility in the medical community.

However, that has more to do with the fact that the US government refuses to study the herb, as most forms of natural medicine often ignore it.

In general, most customer reviews of hawthorn root are positive.

This is especially true when customers follow proper dosage and directions on how to use hawthorn.

Tejocote root leads to weight loss, but it can also come with some disadvantages, such as: B. irritating side effects.

There have been reports of significant weight loss using the substance with regular exercise and diet.

Additionally, some reported even more health benefits from regular use of the natural supplement.

Crataegus mexicana undoubtedly accelerates weight loss.

It also detoxifies the body of other harmful toxins and health factors.

Unfortunately, detox can cause some uncomfortable symptoms; However, for many, their image is worth an overhaul.

Consequently, side effects vary, with some users reporting mild or no symptoms.

As with all supplements, how it interacts with your body depends on numerous factors, including age, body chemistry, metabolism, and medical conditions.

Despite this, the legend of Tejocote root to lose weight fast lives on.

However, the gap in understanding of this particular plant and its interaction with the human body remains limited.

Where to Buy Tejocote Root?

Do you want to buy Tejocote root?

The weight loss supplement is available from several different retailers.

First you need to determine what type of supplement you want.

Crataegus Mexicana is available as tablets or capsules along with tea bags.

Therefore, you can buy tejocote root from traditional outlets like Walmart and GNC, as well as online retailers.

The digital marketplace offers even more options, including types of supplements available for sale on Amazon.

Regardless of where you decide to buy tejocote root, be sure to buy from a reputable source.

Unfortunately, there are many cheap, counterfeit products out there that claim to have real Mexican hawthorn root in the supplement.

It is therefore important that you do your homework and only buy from a supplier with a solid reputation.

You'll find that any reputable supplier will third-party test ingredients for consistency and purity.

In addition, large suppliers of tejocote root must offer customer service and a money-back guarantee.

Currently, the most popular version of Tejocote root for sale is Alipotec Tejocote Root.

The dietary supplement is manufactured in Mexico but distributed by a company in the United States.

All things considered, most bottles of Crataegus Mexicana range from $20 to $40 per bottle.

Alipotec Tejocote Root is not FDA approved, which is the standard for natural remedies.

In general, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs.

For this reason, it does not typically approve or recommend natural supplements.

Tejocote Root Review: Does it Work?

There is a great need for a safe and reliable weight loss supplement.

Unfortunately, there have been many products in the past that have tried but failed.

Therefore, fighting obesity and other problems related to being overweight is not easy.

Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to experiment with alternative remedies.

There are several options for those who are serious about losing weight and want quick results.

However, there is such a large market for weight loss products that navigating between the real and the artificial is difficult.

(Video) Alipotec Tejocote Root! Don't fall for the lies!!

Tejocote root has the promise of completely renewing body image.

The natural herb has been used in traditional medicine in the cultures of Mexico and Central America for generations.

As such, Crataegus Mexicana has gained a reputation for suppressing appetite and aiding in weight loss.

In addition, the root may offer other benefits that improve overall health and quality of life.

Yes, there are some side effects to be aware of, but in general, most feel that the benefits of hawthorn root outweigh the cons.

The supplement is a powerful detox that will cleanse your body, help you lose weight and live a better life.

It works for weight loss, just make sure you take the right precautions and use it properly.


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Tejocote Root Review (2022): Benefits, Side Effects, and More (4)

Benefits of Tejocote Root

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Tejocote root comes from a tree native to Mexico and Central America. The root has several health benefits, including rapid weight loss.

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