Lines and wrinkles on the upper lip and around the mouth explained (2023)

If you're reading this, you probably know all about the lines and wrinkles that form around your lips and mouth - what they are and how frustrating those little lines can be. If you are looking for a remedy for lips, wrinkles around the lips or wrinkles above the lip, you've come to the right place.

Lip lines, also known as lip lines, are fine lines that form around the upper and lower lips or at the corners of the mouth. They can often be referred to as smoker lines and accordion lines.

Lip lines can be thin or deep and more pronounced. They tend to form and can become more pronounced with age. Lip lines can cause lipstick to settle in fine lines or bleed into the lip line and can be difficult to hide.

At Caciwe, we want to embrace aging gracefully – that is, on your terms and how you want to look and feel! If you're looking to prevent or minimize lip lines, we're here to help. We present the causes, treatments and prevention tips. Fold in and get ready to kiss lip lines goodbye.

In this guide we cover:

Causes of wrinkles on the lips
The best methods of treating lip wrinkles

Tips to prevent lip wrinkles
Find the right lip wrinkle treatment like Caci

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Causes of lines and wrinkles on and around the lips

Wrinkles on the lips can arise for a variety of reasons.

Decreased collagen production

As we age, our skin produces less collagen. When collagen production decreases, our skin tends to become thinner and less elastic, which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. In fact, after the age of 25, your collagen begins to decline. While there is nothing we can do to stop this, we can support our collagen production with in-clinic treatments and at-home topical solutions.

Dry skin

With age, dry and cracked skin becomes more and more common. Aging skin produces less oil and is less resilient to the elements. Fluctuations in temperature, such as in winter and summer, can lead to chapped lips, which can also contribute to lip wrinkles. Moisture is a key factor in preventing wrinkles from forming and reducing the appearance of existing lip lines.

sun exposure

The sun and its powerful UV rays can be responsible for skin damage and premature aging, a big culprit when it comes to lines and wrinkles, and not just around the lips. Sun damage and associated dehydration can create new, deep lines on the lips and other parts of the face.

smoke and vape

As we mentioned before, smoking lines are called that for a reason. The nicotine and chemicals used in vaping can contribute to skin aging by breaking down the skin's collagen. The repeated sucking or curling motion of smoking and vaping can also cause lines to form around the lips.

facial movements

Enough said. Pouting lips as part of a repeated expression, like kissing your significant other or sipping a cold cocktail through a straw, can lead to wrinkles over time. Because these are things we would like to keep doing, we look for treatments that will help prevent and slow down this cause.

The best methods for treating lines and wrinkles on the lips and immediately around the mouth

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Fortunately, there are many ways to treat upper lip lines and creases around the lips, both when they are beginning to form and when they are well established.

dermal lip filler

lip fillercan be a great option to treat and eliminate the appearance of lip lines. A dermal filler is an injectable gel made from hyaluronic acid — a substance found naturally in your skin. At Caci, our skilled and highly trained nurses administer the filler which involves a quick process of injecting into the target area. Once injected, the substance instantly plumps up the lips and helps give the lips a more youthful appearance. At Caci, we use a variety of dermal fillers designed to treat lips that still leave you looking natural (or daring if that's what you're looking for!). look at othersLip Plumper Mythswe unmask here.

Anti-wrinkle injections

You've probably heard of the use of cosmetic injections (like Botox).®orXeomin®) to treat forehead or crow's feet, but what about lines and wrinkles around the lips? The technical term lip flip is a cosmetic procedure in which anti-wrinkle injectables are injected into the upper lip area, Cupid's bow (the center of the upper lip) and the corners of the mouth. This placement stops muscle movement, allowing the lip to relax and "twist" upward, creating the appearance of a fuller upper lip.

ONEtwist the lipsA more subtle approach than lip plumper, it enhances the natural shape of the upper lip without adding extra volume. This treatment is often performed at the same time as lip augmentation. Find out more about anti-wrinkle treatments in ourAmerase Cosmetic Injectable Associationand payment schedule.

Smooth out the "Smoker Lines"

Upper lip, vertical, or perioral lines are often referred to as "smoker lines." These are the lines just above the upper lip, under the nose. At Caci, we use a dermal filler that is placed into these superficial lines, giving a “soft, natural filler” effect to these delicate lines without overloading the upper lip area or bulges or bumps.

facial scrubs

Not only is a resurfacing peel good for your face, your chemical peel can also help target fine lines and wrinkles around your face and elsewhere too!scrubs not cacimay help treat upper lip lines. The chemical solution removes the outer layer of skin, revealing new skin that usually looks smoother and less wrinkled. Regular chemical peels or dermabrasion treatments such asMicrodermabrasionorHydradermabrasionare great options to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on or around the mouth and upper lip.


MicroneedlingClinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the lips and face, improve skin elasticity and uneven skin texture.

At Caci, the Exceed Microneedling device is FDA cleared and clinically proven to treat fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It works by stimulating collagen synthesis to build new collagen. The microneedles penetrate the skin and trigger the body's natural healing response, resulting in an increase in collagen production - resulting in stronger, clearer, healthier and firmer skin.

Learn more aboutMicroneedling Resultshere!

Fractional Co2 laser

Fractional Co2 laser, our mostadvanced skin treatmentat Caci uses a laser that transmits pulses of light to the deepest layers of the skin, damaging the underlying cells in a controlled manner and triggering the skin's natural healing process

Through this process, the cells in the deep layers around the lips and other areas of the face can be trained to grow back stronger, firmer and faster, resulting in smoother, firmer and more even skin. The fractional Co2 laser can treat lip lines around the lips, but it cannot treat the lip itself. Dermal Lip Filler can be used to treat lip lines directly on the lips.

Tips to prevent lip wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles on the upper lip and around the mouth explained (3)

stop smoking

Nicotine breaks down collagen and ages you faster. It might be hard to hear, but no matter how you look at it, smoking is bad for your skin.

Avoid straws

It may seem obvious, but using fewer straws can help prevent lip lines. Due to the constant twitching of the lips, these dynamic lip wrinkles become static lip wrinkles. Say no to plastic straws for the environment AND your lips.

Always use sunscreen

It would be our advice here at Caciif we didn't mention FPS🇧🇷 Preventing UV damage is important to prevent premature aging and that includes your lips and upper lip. Upper lips are more likely to sweat and sunscreen is likely to wash off when you clean your mouth or eat, so be sure to reapplyone of those sunscreen favorites.

Try anti-wrinkle injections

As mentioned above, anti-wrinkle and dermal plumping treatments are effective treatments for lip wrinkles as they either relax the muscles that lead to the line-forming movements, or plump and smooth the lines! Book a free consultation with us to discuss anti-wrinkle treatments for lip linesin ourAmerase Cosmetic Injectables Membership and Payment Plan.

Increase collagen absorption

Lip lines are caused by a reduction in collagen with age. Help your body by increasing your collagen intake to support skincare and in-clinic treatments. At Caci, we swear by regular treatments and topical skincare to boost collagen!

Invest in a good skin care routine

Skin care can go a long way in preventing fine lines and keeping your skin hydrated and plump. Look for products like retinol and exfoliants, which also promote cell renewal.

Other products against lip wrinkles:

Derma rollers at home

Also known as microneedling at home,dermis rolandIt uses a small handheld device covered with very fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. The difference between clinical microneedling treatment and a home version like dermarolling is that the derma roller needles are much smaller than those used at Caci Clinic and we also combine our microneedling treatment with a customized serum to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Dermarolling at home has its benefits on upper lip lines, stimulates collagen and elastin production and helps penetrate serums such asMurad's Collagen Rapid Infusion🇧🇷 It is important to note that dermarolling should only be used on the skin around the lips, not directly on the lips.Get our guide to using a dermaroller here.

Find the right lip wrinkle treatment like Caci

From lip fillers to lip flips, innovative wrinkle correction care and advanced skin treatments, there are so many ways to reduce the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles.

As with any treatment, it is important to seek professional advice. You should ensure that your treatment is performed by a trained specialist in a safe, hygienic environment and that you are purchasing skin care products that work.

At Caci, our membership options mean you can get a variety of treatments without the guesswork - we'll work with you to get you the best outcome, so you feel confident in your own skin. Book a free consultation today for a personal consultation – without obligation! Take good care of your skin with a personalized membership and payment plan at Caci.

How it works

Book a free consultation

To ensure you get the best possible results, you will receive a free consultation prior to your treatment to discuss and explain the type of result you want. You can bring photos to this appointment if you have an example of your desired lip augmentation result.

start andarrange a free consultation

Combine the best approach to treat your lips, lines and wrinkles

Depending on what you want to achieve, our team will put together a treatment plan that is right for you. It can be lip fillers, flip flip and other advice including skin care! This also gives you an idea of ​​how much things cost and what to expect. At Caci, we make it easy to pay for skincare and treatments, with payment options available as well as Amerase®, a cosmetic injectable membership.

Goodbye lip wrinkles!

If you decide to proceed, the team will book you for your treatments. We make sure you feel confident about what goes into a treatment, how to prepare and what you need to know about aftercare. More lines and wrinkles.

Botox® is a prescription drug containing 50,100 or 200 units of Clostridium botulinum toxin type A toxin complex for injection. It is used to treat frown lines, crow's feet and horizontal forehead lines. It should only be administered by trained healthcare professionals. Precautions: People with deficient neuromuscular transmission disorders, presence of infection at the injection site, glaucoma, pregnancy and lactation. Possible side effects include headache, pain, burning or redness at the injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eyelids, numbness and nausea. Talk to your specialist about the benefits/risks of this procedure or if you have any questions or side effects. Note: Botox® treatment lasts approximately four months, after which new treatment cycles may be required. Talk to your specialist about your own situation.” A fee applies. You have to pay for Allergan treatment in Auckland

XEOMIN® Incobotulinumtoxin A) 50, 100 units is a prescription drug. Indications: In adults for the treatment of cervical dystonia; blepharospasm; upper limb spasticity; Upper facial lines: glabella lines, lateral periorbital lines (crow's feet), horizontal forehead lines. XEOMIN® has risks and benefits, ask your doctor if XEOMIN® is right for you. For more information on the risks and benefits of XEOMIN® please consult the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at or or call 0800 822 310. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist or side effects occur, contact your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. Common side effects are: headache; nausea; skin tenderness, swelling, redness, numbness, or bruising; dry eye; heaviness in the eyelids/eyebrows/forehead; asymmetrical face/eyebrow, drooping eyelids/eyebrows. Serious side effects are rare and include allergic reactions. XEOMIN® is an unfunded drug, a prescription fee is charged. The usual doctor's fees continue to apply. For more information, contact your doctor or consult Consumer Medicines Information at: www.medsafe.govt.nzPharmacy Retailing NZ Limited t/a Healthcare Logistics (HCL), 58 Richard Pearse Drive, Mangere, Auckland

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