Do you have lip lines? Here's what a dermatologist would do (2023)

    Heim beauty anti aging treatmentsDo you have lip lines? Here's what a dermatologist would do (1)

    Do you have lip lines? Here's what a dermatologist would do (2)Denise Mann, MSUpdated: March 08, 2021

    Do you have lip lines? Here's what a dermatologist would do (3)medically examined by S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD

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      Call them smoking lines, lipstick lines, or whatever you like, but the fine lines around your mouth are telltale signs of your true age and some not-so-healthy habits (hello, smoking and tanning). Fortunately, there are more treatments than ever that can literally erase those lines from your face.

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      How to get wrinkles around the mouth

      Even if you've never smoked in your life, you can develop fine lines around your mouth from drinking through a straw, whistling a tune, pursing your lips in frustration, or even going overboard with that ducky face.Autofotos. Even speech patterns that involve frequent lip puckering can contribute. "Minor lip lines are caused by aging and sun damage," explains the New York City-based plastic surgeon.Norman Rowe, Doctor in medicine. "Larger lip lines are caused by muscle hyperactivity." Regardless of the cause, top estheticians have more tools than ever to erase lip lines and prevent them from recurring.

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      For fine, moderate (not too deep) lip lines, injections of neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin can often paralyze and subdue them, he says.Joe, DMD, facial cosmetic surgeon in Midlothian, Virginia. "Prejuvenation" is a big buzzword in today's aesthetics, and it plays a role in combating severe lip lines, he adds.Joel Cohen, MD, dermatologist in Lone Tree, Colorado. "When I see patients in their 20s and 30s and use low-dose Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to smooth out the muscles, these cracks are less prominent, shallower, and leave fewer marks on the skin." , but these neuromodulators can take up to two weeks to fully work. The results last between two and four months. Costs vary based on the amount needed and often by the geographic location of the doctor's office. This is how you do itfind a trusted doctor.

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      For deeper static lines, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are the way to go, says a New York City-based plastic surgeon.david pastor, Doctor in medicine. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in almost every cell in our body (especially in the skin), but as we age, our supply tends to dwindle. "Some hyaluronic acid fillers, Juvederm and Restylane, can add volume to the lip, while others, Volbella, Restylane Silk, and Beloteroare, are much thinner and can help fill in lines without adding as much volume," he says. . "Since lips lose volume with age, I often suggest a combination of natural volume and plump lines." Cohen uses the fill very superficially so it blurs them out. He also likes to treat the area a week or two beforehand with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin to smooth out those muscles. The cost depends on the type of filler, the amount needed, and often the location of the doctor's office. The duration of the results also varies by product. Another option for those who hate needles: Fillerina Replenishing Treatment, a gel of six hyaluronic acids that is delivered through a pen-like applicator to fill in fine lines around the lips. Do not misshow to have fuller lipswithout breaking the bank.

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      Lasers, lights and peels

      Patients with fine lines around the lips and an aversion to needles also have other options, says Dr. Shafer. “The outer layer of the skin can be treated with superficial treatments such as laser resurfacing, radiofrequency energy, chemical peels,microagujas, dermabrasion and other similar treatments”, he says. All of these treatments remove the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells and making room for new, healthier ones. “Surface layer treatment helps improve skin texture and color and softens very fine static lines.” These numbing cream treatments are quick and relatively painless, and depending on the type of treatment and how aggressive it is, there is only minimal recovery. Peels and laser treatments cause redness for days or longer that you can hide with makeup, she says. (Learn howUse makeup to fake flawless skin.) A series of treatments is usually required for best results. "For deeper etched lines, I like to use full-field erbium lasers for resurfacing, which is done very deeply," says Dr. Cohen. The downside? There is some downtime with this aggressive procedure, he says. The top? Often it's one and done, which means you don't have to come back for more treatments. "I often pretreat these patients with Botox or Dysport a week or two earlier just to reduce the mechanical effect of the underlying muscle contraction to get a synergistic result," he adds.

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      PRP: the newest kid on the block

      Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a substance in our own blood rich in growth factors, is used to treat hair loss, orthopedic injuries, and more, including lip lines. says New York City facial plastic surgeontake a chance. Collagen is the main component of healthy, youthful skin, and as we age, our natural supply dwindles. “PRP works well in smoking lines because it fills the lines from the inside out. I use a combination of PRP and laser treatment for a double whammy," says Dr. Rizk. He typically recommends three treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart and often sees visible improvement within the first month. If you suspect For needles and fillers, consider a light resurfacing laser like Fraxel.

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      A gram of prevention...

      The procedures described here can help get rid of lip lines once you have them. Even better? prevent them from developing in the first place. "Shielding your lips from the sun, always wearing sunscreen, not smoking cigarettes, and taking botox as a preventative will slow the formation of these lines," says Dr. Rowe. In the meantime, use thesemakeup tricksto simulate fuller, wrinkle-free lips


      • Norman Rowe, MD, plastic surgeon in New York City
      • Joe, DMD, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in Midlothian, Virginia
      • take a chance, MD, facial plastic surgeon in New York City
      • Joel Cohen, MD, Dermatologist in Lone Tree, Colorado
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      Do you have lip lines? Here's what a dermatologist would do (10)medically examined by S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, on August 21, 2019

      Originally Posted: October 08, 2019

      Do you have lip lines? Here's what a dermatologist would do (11)

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